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This is a poem that had it's origins in a song. Well, actually two songs, in fact. I learned early on, in my writing, I could use songs I liked as a structure to build off of. I could use the cadence and/or rhythm of a song as the framework for my words. This was one of the very first times I done that.

In late 2001 the group Puddle Of Mudd had a huge hit with a song called Blurry. Really great song, I'm sure most of you have heard it, but if not, give it a listen. While it was still popular and topping the charts, I used it as a framework to write this poem. I didn't use the topic or the words or anything like that. As I stated before, I used the cadence and/or rhythm of how the words in that song flowed.

I said earlier this poem had it's origins in two songs. Well, you just heard about the first song. The second was the product of my first writing. When I finished, I realized I hadn't wrote a poem at all. What I had written was another song. It had it's own chorus, bridge and everything. I kept it intact (with chorus and bridge) for a very long time. However, I'm not much of a musician, so I decided to cut out the chorus and bridge and just turn it into the poem you will read below.

I have several other poems/songs that were written much the same way, but I believe this was the first, if not, one of the first.

As far as the content and theme of the poem go? Well, the way I recall it, this was also one of the first poems I made a conscious decision to sit down and come up with something out of thin air. It's really hard to remember now (7 or 8 years later), but I'm sure it had something to do with some movie I was either watching or had just seen. I've been able to use movies as a really good harvesting ground for poetry.

Anyhow, I hope you like it. By the way, the title actually comes from the now deleted chorus. I figured I'd just let it stay instead of renaming it. Enjoy!


My life spins around me
what's it all about
Confusion's all I can see
along with fear and doubt

Everything's so surreal
it's like I'm watching me
In an old romance film
that you just cannot see

You could be my true love
I could be your fool
You'd run when push comes to shove
I'd stick to you like glue

You could trash what I feel
I would pick it up
Twist your words with my skill
make it seem like love

Your loveliness surrounds my
never changing heart
You can't tear us down by
keeping us apart

My feelings for you can't be
wiped away, so quit
You've always felt just as me
so just give in to it

You could be my river
that flows from shore to shore
I could be your ocean
that cycles back for more

You'd empty out into me
everything you are
All the good and bad things
I'd store them in my heart

-Robert Joles


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